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Space Oddities - Studio Ganaro (1972-1982)


Born Bad Records BB082LP

A1 Roger Roger / Nino Nardini – Expectation
A2 Cecil Leuter – Pop Electronique N°1
A3 Roger Roger – Sound Industrial N°2
A4 Eddie Warner – Shut Up
A5 Eddie Warner – Brutus Drums
A6 Georges Teperino – Tickling Shuffle
A7 Eddie Warner – Devil's Anvil
A8 Roger Roger / Nino Nardini – Tomorrow
B1 Georges Teperino – Minor Mind
B2 Eddie Warner – K.O.
B3 Eddie Warner – Pathetic Motion
B4 Roger Roger – Sound Industrial N°15
B5 Eddie Warner – Poppy Chimes
B6 Nino Nardini – Frantique
B7 Roger Roger – Sound Industrial N°5
B8 Roger Roger / Nino Nardini – Beyond The Clouds
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