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Akito Nakamura
The Adventure Of Link


Auris Apothecary AAX 141

Electronic Stage & Screen
Soundtrack Chiptune Video Game Music
A1 The Adventure Of Link
A2 Overworld
A3 Enemy Battle
A4 Get Container
A5 Town
A6 House
A7 Get Item
A8 Temple
A9 Clear
A10 Cave
A11 Princess Zelda
A12 Great Temple
A13 Fanfare
A14 Shadowlink
B1 The Adventure Of Link
B2 Overworld
B3 Enemy Battle
B4 Get Container
B5 Town
B6 House
B7 Get Item
B8 Temple
B9 Clear
B10 Cave
B11 Princess Zelda
B12 Great Temple
B13 Fanfare
B14 Shadowlink
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