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Aesop Rock X Blockhead
Garbology Instrumentals

(2xLP) (Yellow, Green & Black)

Rhymesayers Entertainment RSE0336-9

Hip Hop
A1 The Only Picture (Instrumental)
A2 Jazz Hands (Instrumental)
A3 Wolf Piss (Instrumental)
A4 Legerdemain (Instrumental)
B1 Difficult (Instrumental)
B2 All The Smartest People (Instrumental)
B3 Oh Fudge (Instrumental)
B4 More Cycles (Instrumental)
C1 Flamingo Pink (Instrumental)
C2 All Day Breakfast (Instrumental)
C3 Fizz (Instrumental)
D1 That Is Not A Wizard (Instrumental)
D2 The Sea (Instrumental)
D3 Abandoned Malls (Instrumental)
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