Wacław Zimpel – Massive Oscillations (LP, Album)


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Massive Oscillations


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A1. Massive Oscillations 12:56
A2. Sine Tapes 12:43
B1. Random Odds 16:09
B2. Release 09:03

Recorded At Willem Twee Electronic Music Studios
Mastered At Brandenburg Mastering

‘Massive Oscillations’ is the result of a nine-day residency at the Willem Tweestudio in Den Bosch, Netherlands. The longplayer is not only a consolidation of Zimpel’s previous experiments, but is also driven by his curiosity and desire to explore new avenues and possibilities, striving to create an innovative musical vernacular.
Inspired as much by jazz as electronics, minimalism and roots music from across the world, he doesn’t so much blur boundaries as eradicate them altogether.“

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I was looking for new kinds of sounds and had an idea of where I wanted ‘Massive Oscillations’to go,”says Zimpel, “but that all changed the moment I started playing with the studio’s collection of vintage synthesizers and electronic equipment.”

In keeping with his restless improvisational spirit, Zimpel jettisoned previous ideas and set about using the studio’s array of oscillators, generators, sequencers, tape recorders and filters (alongside his beloved clarinet) to capitalize on opportunities the facility offered him.