Unknown Artist – Environmental & Ecological Sounds (Cass, Album)


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Environmental & Ecological Sounds


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A1. Tropical Rain Forest
A2. Cry Of The Dolphins
B1. Mountain Retreat
B2. Symphony Of Whales

Distributed By Distributions Madacy Inc

Made in Canada. J-card cover and spine are blue, back is white. Front states: Let The Stress Of Modern Living Dissolve To The Soothing Sounds Of Our Environment, lists the titles, has pictures relating to titles and 1 Hour +.
Back of J-card lists Side 1, 1.Tropical Rain Forest: Close your eyes…Relax. Listen to the falling rain as it pelts the bountiful tropical vegetation.The luscious underbrush becomes saturated at your feet, bathing you in it’s freshness. 2. Cry Of The Dolphins: Close your eyes…Relax. Listen to the sound of the dolphins and be drawn into the exclusive world of their rhythmic communication…imagine the significance of their elaborate narration. Let the stress of modern living dissolve to the Cry Of The Dolphins. Side 2, 1. Mountain Retreat: Close your eyes…Relax. You are now alone but for the gentle sounds of the birds and insects. Smell the flowers and clean fresh air…Close your eyes and re-awaken in your Mountain Retreat. 2. Symphony Of Whales: In harmony they swim the breadth of the sea. In chorus they echo the secrets of the deep…Close your eyes…relax and relish in the whales’ thirst for tranquility…let the stress of modern living dissolve to the Symphony Of Whales.

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