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Zdeněk Liška
Malá Mořská Víla (Hans C. Andersen’s The Little Mermaid)


Finders Keepers Records FKR040LP

Electronic Classical Stage & Screen
Soundtrack Score Contemporary Experimental Classical
A1 Malá Mořská Víla (4:02)
A2 Witches Firewall (1:28)
A3 Pearls From The Deep (2:46)
A4 King Of The Ocean (3:37)
A5 The Pendant / The Little Mermaid (Theme) (2:20)
A6 The Song Of The Siren (Theme) (1:19)
A7 The Sixth Sister (3:11)
A8 Statue Of Salt 1 (1:38)
A9 Aquatic Babička (Theme) (1:22)
A10 In Safe Hands (0:48)
A11 Aquatic Babička (Song) (2:31)
A12 The Black Sea (2:04)
B1 Statue Of Salt 2 (1:05)
B2 Čarodějnice's Castle (1:31)
B3 The Song Of The Siren (Song) (1:10)
B4 Prince Of The Southern Empire (0:10)
B5 Games / Echoes (3:25)
B6 The Kiss (2:06)
B7 Ascension To Fireworks (0:31)
B8 Bird In A Cage (0:46)
B9 The Voice (1:16)
B10 Behind The Rock (0:23)
B12 Sunken Dagger / The Little Mermaid (Song) (5:57)
B11 The Pendant (0:21)
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