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Desolating The Curse
Desolating The Curse


Nice Up International NU 005

A1 Taste The Fire Upon The Tongue (2:35)
A2 They Pounced Least Expected (2:24)
A3 Blackened Memories Of Unit Dispersal (2:46)
A4 Thermal Lance (0:31)
A5 Second Flesh Hot Skin (1:59)
A6 Demonic Vultures Stalking (2:27)
A7 Cross Cutting Thundercharge (2:33)
B1 Clawing At The Windows (2:16)
B2 Through Boiling Clouds Of Thunder (0:48)
B3 The Seed Became The Embryo (1:51)
B4 Lost In Cold Perplexion (1:32)
B5 Wrapped In Horsepower (3:58)
B6 Neutron Star Controlling (1:01)
B7 Blasting Bolts Of Steel (3:32)
B8 Untitled (0:18)
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