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Local Agent

(LP+Cassette) (Translucent Yellow)

Umor Rex UR066
Umor Rex UR067

Experimental Synth-pop
1-A1 Switchblades
1-A2 Blur Suite
1-A3 Lonely City
1-A4 Skulled
1-B1 The Cure
1-B2 Double Blind Host
1-B3 Antiprism
1-B4 Nightmaring
2-A1 Organ Boosters
2-A2 Geomancer
2-A3 Gatehouse Repetoire
2-A4 Cut Into Concrete Stallions
2-B1 Superstar Epigraph
2-B2 Transcience
2-B3 Zaftig
2-B4 Discrete
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